future cities lab

Suzanne Holt Ballard PhD - Founder/CEO

Future Cities Lab is a design-oriented environment focused on using digital media platforms, transmedia strategies and serious games to generate deep insight into the relationship between human factors and smart urban spaces. The Lab emphasizes human-centered design for the future city and collaborates widely with academic, industry and government partners. 

The goals of the Lab are three fold: to develop evidence-based models to drive the re/design of urban environments, applications and devices; to effect positive behavior change across structural domains (e.g. energy, transport), and inter/intra-personal domains (e.g. health, safety and security); and to align human actions with the objectives of a  sustainability framework. 




future cities lab and pulse

The Pulse  Project was initiated and designed by Suzanne Holt Ballard PhD,  Future Cities Lab. Dr Ballard developed the consortium and  wrote the grant proposal successfully funded by the European Commission.  Specific expert contributions were received from selected consortium partners during the writing process. 

Future Cities Lab will take a leading role in the PULSE Project. Dr Ballard is managing all scientific aspects of the project. 

Future Cities Lab and Horizon 2020

The Lab is also a consortium partner, and active participant, in the international project, City4Age, funded by the European Commission in 2015: Elderly-Friencly City Services for Active and Healthy Aging.

Funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 689731